Machining and Processing

In our factory, with Cnc double column vertical machining center machine , customer tailored process can be performed in 3.200x2.700x900mm dimensions with 0.01mm precision for 0/180 degree chip removal method can be processed.
Our operations with our state-of-the-art machinery equipment and experienced team:

• Thread-Cutting
• Countersunk
• Chamfering
• Welding groove
• Surface scanning
• Grooving
• Marking

Sheet Metal Processing Center

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Annual Production




2019-11-21 11:17:26
Successful Employee Award Ceremony Has Been Held In The Telefoncular Metal
In our company, Mr. Ahmet Yavuz GÜNGÖR, our General Manager, presented the awards to our colleagues who showed outstanding service and success.
2019-11-21 11:13:43
Raex Certified Partner of SSAB in Turkey IS Telefoncular Metal
Swedish company SSAB, the leader in the high-strength and abrasion-resistant steel industry, and TELEFONCULAR Metal, which controls the Turkish sheet metal forming sector, have been included in the certified partnership program in  Raex® abrasion resistant steel products.