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With the end of war, Mr. Mustafa ÇINAR (1898-1961), the War of Independence Veteran and Independence Medalist, returns to the county of Obruk located in Konya city where he was born .

In 1927, he started to work in the General Directorate of Post, Telegraph and Telephone (PTT) of the young Republic  being   responsible for the maintenance and repair of the communication lines passing through the district where he lives.

Since Mustafa Bey is the only person in charge of the telephone in the district where he lived and his name was continuously mentioned by phone, his family nicknames became "Telefoncular" after a while.

TELEFONCULAR, which started off with retail steel sales in 1972 and then became a private company on behalf of Hulusi ÇINAR, changed its sector in 1977 and transferred  to mechanical sheet cutting and bending processes.

In 1990, branding and institutionalization steps were taken. Currently, it has been serving as a solution partner with its facility established on an area of 15.000 m²,  with 46 high-tech machines, expert staff and 42 years of experience.

Sheet Metal Processing Center

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2019-11-21 11:17:26
Successful Employee Award Ceremony Has Been Held In The Telefoncular Metal
In our company, Mr. Ahmet Yavuz GÜNGÖR, our General Manager, presented the awards to our colleagues who showed outstanding service and success.
2019-11-21 11:13:43
Raex Certified Partner of SSAB in Turkey IS Telefoncular Metal
Swedish company SSAB, the leader in the high-strength and abrasion-resistant steel industry, and TELEFONCULAR Metal, which controls the Turkish sheet metal forming sector, have been included in the certified partnership program in  Raex® abrasion resistant steel products.