It is equipped with modern welding equipment, with which we can manufacture our components by using MIG, MAG and TIG.
Our welders undergo certain processes at the welding academy before the start of production. Our welders,  who passed the process, start their work in our production workshop.
Our welders who are able to complete the process are eligible for the SSEN ISO 9606-1 certificate.

Sheet Metal Processing Center

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2019-11-21 11:17:26
Successful Employee Award Ceremony Has Been Held In The Telefoncular Metal
In our company, Mr. Ahmet Yavuz GÜNGÖR, our General Manager, presented the awards to our colleagues who showed outstanding service and success.
2019-11-21 11:13:43
Raex Certified Partner of SSAB in Turkey IS Telefoncular Metal
Swedish company SSAB, the leader in the high-strength and abrasion-resistant steel industry, and TELEFONCULAR Metal, which controls the Turkish sheet metal forming sector, have been included in the certified partnership program in  Raex® abrasion resistant steel products.